Welcome to the NY-NJ-PA DMR Network
The staff behind the NY-NJ-PA DMR network have put many
hours in to ensure you get the most out of your DMR

We have access to more than 100 US & worldwide
talk groups to fit all your QSO needs!

We also have resources to allow connections from MMDVM hotspot devices as well as provisions to serve Yaesu System Fusion, NXDN and P25 users
To join in the fun or for further information, head on over to
the contact page.
Thanks and 73.

State talk Groups

State Talk groups should be used as call channels or short conversations of 15 minutes or less.

Some states have chat or tac talk groups of their own that you may used for longer discussions.

Many repeaters carry their local statewide talk groups as static talk groups.

Please be courteous and remember how many repeaters you may be keying up when using a statewide talk group.

If you are using another statewide talk group and are not in communications with someone else in that state, please be courteous and move to a different talk group.